Live Scan Fingerprinting

College Postal Plus owns and operates “ADVANCED LIVE SCAN FINGERPRINTING” which is an approved provider of Live Scan fingerprinting by the California Department of Justice (DOJ) with all its fingerprinting professionals certified by the DOJ.

Live Scan technology allows digitally scanned fingerprints to be submitted electronically to the DOJ within minutes.

Ink Card Fingerprinting

College Postal Plus provides traditional FBI ink card fingerprinting for applicants that need this service. We provide the highest quality ink printing available from IDCARDS. A special 8″x8″ FBI or California fingerprint cards, known as FBI FD-258 and BID-7 cards, are normally used. If you do not have the required cards, we will provide them to you at no charge.

For questions or more information about Live Scan and Ink Card fingerprinting call us directly at 619-286-7984 or email and one of our live operators will respond to you immediately.

  • Walk ins are welcome, appointment are preferred
  • Live Scan is quick and accurate method of fingerprinting and the results are fast. Cost ranges from $20 to $89, depending on the requesting agency
  • Manual ink card fingerprinting is $25.00 per card.